Fruit Baskets

Love fresh fruit? Fruit baskets make it is easy to store fruit for maximum freshness while adding a stylish storage element to your kitchen.<. . . Read More →

Love fresh fruit? Fruit baskets make it is easy to store fruit for maximum freshness while adding a stylish storage element to your kitchen.

Different types of fruit baskets

  • Tabletop Fruit Baskets: Fruit bowls can be easily placed on any table or countertop surface, offering a stylish and convenient option to store bananas, apples, grapes, oranges, and other healthy fruit.
  • Hammock Style Fruit Baskets: Hammock style baskets offer plenty of room on multiple tiers – perfect to optimize your kitchen space!
  • Hanging Wall Baskets: Wall hanging storage baskets keep counters clutter-free, making them perfect for small spaces! Hammock-Style fruit baskets are available in multiple styles and materials, from modern stainless steel to rustic chicken wire designs!
  • Wall Mounted Fruit Baskets: Mounting your fruit basket on the wall opens up tabletop and counter surfaces. Vintage inspired wood and metal baskets add a farmhouse-style element to any kitchen, while sleek metal baskets go well with contemporary and modern spaces!

How to store fruit

Some fresh fruits are staying fresh longer when being stored in a fridge – some don’t. As a rule of thumb, apples, berries, and grapes can be easily stored in cool areas of your home or your fridge. Stone fruit like peaches or apricots, melons, mangoes, kiwis, and bananas should ripen on the counter. Fruit baskets and bowls will keep your favorite fruit in a designated place, while adding a stylish element to your kitchen.

Wall Mounted Fruit Basket

Looking for a wall mounted or wall hanging fruit basket? MyGift has a super range of wall mounted fruit baskets! Easy to mount to a flat wall surface with proper hardware, they are perfectly suited to storing your produce and also reduce clutter on your kitchen countertops!

How to select the right fruit basket

Finding the perfect fruit basket isn’t always easy. Knowing your kitchen space is the key: Do you have enough room for a huge fruit bowl, or would you prefer a storage solution with a smaller footprint? Hanging or wall mounted baskets are great for small kitchen or office break rooms and can even be a good option for professional kitchen and restaurants.

Where to buy fruit baskets

MyGift offers a variety of fruit baskets for every taste. Are you searching for a rustic storage option, or would you like to add a stylish décor element to your space? We offer rustic chicken wire fruit baskets, farmhouse-inspired wall mounted fruit storage options with wood and metal, or modern stainless steel hammock-style fruit baskets!

How to Make Fruit Baskets

There's loads of great content if you'd like to make your own fruit basket, but if you'd like to make things easier, you can buy one from MyGift! We offer free shipping on all orders over $25!

If you're looking to make changes in your kitchen, MyGift also has a range of kitchen organizers and cookbook stands.

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