Hanging Wall Planters

Wall planters are taking over the décor scene, for obvious reasons: Wall hanging planters free up countertop and desk s. . . Read More →

Wall planters are taking over the décor scene, for obvious reasons: Wall hanging planters free up countertop and desk space, making them perfect for small spaces. While the wall mounted design is an unexpected way to add greenery to any space, it’s a welcoming design element for your home, making it easy to enhance otherwise boring wall surfaces!

Which plants to plant in wall planters

Wall planting pots can be filled with almost every plant who can tolerate moderate to low sun exposure. After all, the position on an indoor wall often is not as bright as sunny windowsill!

  • If you are looking to create a living wall, Trailing Ivy plants or Arrowhead Plants are the way to go. These plants will wander over your wall, creating an extraordinary green look!
  • Air Plants are another new trend. These plants don’t need soil to survive, making them a low-maintenance option. Their minimalistic look goes well with modern spaces! Air plants can be placed in any planter pot but look especially good in plant terrariums.
  • Ferns like the Boston Fern are another wonderful option for indoor wall planter décor. The feathery look of these plants is a beautiful addition to any setting. They tolerate a wide range of humidity, while being safe for pets, making them perfect for almost any room.
  • Succulent wall planters are low maintenance, adding greenery to almost any space! Especially Spring of Pearls succulents are growing in popularity with their unique bead-like foliage. 

How do you hang planters on walls?

Most wall mounted pots can be mounted using screws or nail, while some small wall planters come with a hanging rope, making it easy to hang wall planters without drilling.

Best wall planters

No matter if you are searching for the best outdoor wall planters or would like to hang your plants in an indoor area, there are multiple options to choose from:

  • Metal wall planters create a modern look, while galvanized metal pots go well with vintage or rustic spaces.
  • Ceramic wall planters come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, and are the perfect option to decorate your indoor walls! Hanging wall planters can also be used outside, re-imagining the modern yard and adding plant life to your balcony.
  • If you are searching for large outdoor planters to re-create a living wall in your garden, a garden trellis might be a wonderful choice for you.

Check out our Hanging Planter Collection for more inspiration on how to add plants to any wall surface in your home!


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