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When organizing your home, reducing clutter is on the top of the list. Getting rid of unwanted mail and keeping importa. . . Read More →

When organizing your home, reducing clutter is on the top of the list. Getting rid of unwanted mail and keeping important mail items organized and on file is a great start!

But: How do I keep my home or office tidy, what is the best way to organize mail?

How to organize mail 

Organizing mail is easiest in 4 steps:

  • Take a few minutes to focus on this task. It’s hard to get your stuff into order while you have 53,125 other things on your mind!
  • Get rid of junk mail. Throw catalogs away or even unsubscribe!
  • Categorize your mail. What correspondence needs immediate attention, which one have you to respond to, and which mail can you archive?
  • Keep it up! Have a mail or document sorter on hand to organize your mail and make sure that nothing falls through the cracks again.

The perfect mail organizer for your home and office

This is easiest with a mail organizer at a highly visible spot. This might be the entryway, the kitchen wall, or next to your (home) office desk. Having a mail organizer for office can ensure you keep all your correspondence and bills in one place and mean you don't have to be running over the house when it's time to find that letter.

  • A wall mounted mail sorter frees up counter-space and can store tons of mail on a small spot.
  • Countertop mail holders are great when you usually pay bills or respond to correspondence on a designated desk or table, for example in your home office area.

Mail Holder for Countertop

Keep your mail within sight with a mail holder for countertop. These help keep your letters, bills etc highly visible and top of mind. With a relatively small footprint, as well as separate compartments for greater organizations, having a mail holder for countertop makes a super addition to your home.

How to find the perfect mail organizer

When searching for the perfect mail organizer, keep your overall décor theme in mind. Is your space rustic, or do you love modern style? MyGift offers a variety of different office organization accessories and mail as well as document organizers for every style and need, from vintage-inspired wood organizer to modern metal wire mail holders! Cutout mail organizers and wall-mounted mail storage will get your house and office organized in no time!

Mail Organizer for Desk

Keep all your letters and paperwork together with a mail organizer for desk from Mygift. Our desktop mail holders keep any office clean and tidy.

Also check out our full range of mail sorters and gold mail organizers.

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