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Wondering on how to divide a room, create a temporary wall in your bedroom, or how to divide . . . Read More →

Wondering on how to divide a room, create a temporary wall in your bedroom, or how to divide a living room and dining room combo?

Room divider are the way to go when you are planning on create additional, separate living spaces in your home! We all love the airy feeling of open living concepts, but let’s be honest – sometimes, a little privacy is nice. Divider screens are an easy solution if you don’t want, or can’t, go through an extensive remodeling phase and create new permanent walls in your house.

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Room Divider Screen

A wonderful way to split a room or provide a clean backdrop, room divider screens offer fashion and function.

How to divide a room

You can choose between different materials and styles.

  • Depending on your style you can choose between wooden screens, elegant 3-panel room divider, Japanese style room divider made out of paper or bamboo and with distinctive artwork, decorative divider, or barn door room divider.
  • For small rooms, multi-purpose solutions like divider screens with chalkboard surfaces or bookshelf room dividers can add additional storage options.
  • And the best: Setting up these screens is easy, and folding room dividers are quickly put away for storage when not in use!

Wood Room Dividers

Most of the privacy screens at MyGift are wood room dividers, but we do have other materials too, such as bamboo or even chalkboard panels. If you're looking for wood dividers for rooms, you've come to the right place - see our great selection below.

How to buy a room divider 

  • Before buying a room dividing solution, it is important to know which sections of your room you want to separate and measure the size of the room divider needed.
  • Depending on your décor style you might go for bamboo divider screens, farmhouse-style divider, folding screens, 3-panel room divider, or other options!

At MyGift, we want to make it affordable to create a beautiful home! We want to make it easy for you to divide a room into two or more sections and offer a huge assortment of room divider screens, folding room divider, panel room divider, wooden room divider, room divider shelves, and more. And all orders over $25 have free shipping!

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