Succulent Planter Pots

Everyone loves succulents. Easy to care for, they are the perfect plant for busy households!

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Everyone loves succulents. Easy to care for, they are the perfect plant for busy households!

How to grow succulents

Succulents come in many different shapes, from upright cacti to trailing plants that are perfect for hanging baskets. Succulents are desert plants and thrive in hot climates, so they are perfectly suited for indoor planting next to a bright window all year around and even can be placed outdoors in summer.

When caring for succulents, finding the right planter pot and succulent soil is key: As desert plants, succulents need a fast draining soil. They can grow in almost any container with a drainage hole, which promotes water passing through the soil and will allow the dirt to dry completely before the next watering.

How to care for succulents in winter

Give your succulents some rest during the cold season: Most succulent plants rest at least two months in winter. During this time, they should be placed in a cooler room without danger of freezing temperatures and only watered slightly. Many succulents develop blooms in temperatures below 60 Fahrenheit!

Best succulent planters

When searching for the best planter for your succulents, you not only have the choice between cute succulent planters, succulent wall planters, artificial succulent planters, indoor and outdoor succulent planters. Which planter pot you choose, depends on your taste and space: 

  • Wall hanging planters are perfect for small rooms, as they free up countertop and tabletop space.
  • Small succulent planters and mini planters can be tugged into every small nook and cranny without taking up too much space, making them perfect for offices.
  • Artificial succulent planters are great for businesses and restaurants, as they won’t require maintenance at all.
  • Succulent bowl planters offer more room to create your personal succulent arrangement through planting multiple kinds of plants.
  • Indoor succulent planters are perfect for display inside your home.
  • Outdoor succulent planters are perfect for placement in your garden or on your balcony!

And remember: Drainage holes are essential for succulent planters, as they will prevent the soil from getting too wet!

Where to buy pots for succulents

You are searching for a succulent planter that is functional and cute? Planters for succulents can be found in almost any garden store or here at MyGift. We offer the best succulent planters for your home, office, or retail business, giving you a choice between different sizes and styles, from small succulent planter pots to rectangular containers. And don’t forget our artificial succulents! Requiring no maintenance or watering at all, these indoor pots are the perfect home décor, adding greenery to any home.

Searching for more ideas? Check out our plant stand collection!

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