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Which glassware you choose has a huge impact on the smell and taste you perceive when enjoying your favorite drink. This is especially true for aromatic whiskey and scotch! The perfect whiskey glass enhances the experience of full-bodies scotch and whiskeys. Is it surprising that there is a unique shape and style of glass for every whisky fan? MyGift has a fantastic range of whiskey glasses and you can get free shipping on all orders over $25!

Is there a difference between Scotch and Whiskey?

First off: Scotch is the term for whiskey made in Scotland, usually from grain or malted grain. Scotch has a long tradition in Scotland, and Scots take pride in their quality standard for extraordinary Scotch! One of the reasons is the re-purposing of scotch barrels in Scotland: While American whiskies and bourbons are usually matured in brand-new oak, distilleries in Scotland and Ireland use their barrels multiple times, creating a softer, smoother drink.

Find the best whiskey glass

What type of glass do you drink a scotch out of, and what is the best glassware for American whiskey? There are countless whiskey glass options! Read the below for an overview of the whiskey glass types.

  • Scotch Glasses: There isn’t a typical glass for Scotch. Often, tulip-shaped glasses are described best for single-malt scotched and whiskeys, as the unique shape supports the slow development of fragrance, while the slightly narrowed rim concentrates the aroma. The snifter-glass is often used for brandy, but also goes well with other aromatic drinks.
  • Whiskey Glasses: No matter if you prefer your whiskey on the rocks or straight, the whiskey tumbler is the glass to go! This sturdy drinkware is perfect for whiskeys and cocktails, making it a true classic and a stable in every home bar!
  • Crystal Glasses: Crystal is perfect for an extraordinary drinking experience. These elegant glasses are often shaped like a tulip, allowing whiskey to breathe and develop aromas, while their narrow rim is perfect for nosing.
  • Whiskey Tasting Glasses: Get ready for a tasting experience! Whiskey tasting sets often come with multiple small glasses, making it perfect to sample a wide array of whiskeys and scotch.
  • Bullet Glasses: A glass – with a bullet? The bullet whiskey tumbler is the way to go when searching for a father’s day present of a white elephant gift. Most whiskey bullet glasses are handmade, with a real bullet shell embedded in the glass of the whiskey. Other options include metal bullets that can be stored in the freezer and used to chill down your favorite whiskey for an extra cool drinking experience. 
  • Tilted Whiskey Glasses: Allowing a greater surface area of your drink to be exposed to the air, a tilted whiskey glass or slanted whiskey glass allows a higher level of appreciation of complex aromas. A tilted whiskey glass also allows you to shake or swirl your drink more easily.

Where to buy whiskey glasses?

No matter if you are searching for crystal or old fashioned whiskey glasses, snifter glasses, square whiskey glasses, rock glasses or a scotch glass set: MyGift offers a huge assortment of high-quality glassware to enhance your favorite scotch or whiskey!

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