Wine Glasses

It’s the wine that matters, not the glass – or is it? The perfect wine glass makes enjoying your favorite wine so much . . . Read More →

It’s the wine that matters, not the glass – or is it? The perfect wine glass makes enjoying your favorite wine so much more fun and will add elegance to any dinner setting. Did you know that the same wine tastes different in different kind of glasses?

No matter if you are searching for glassware for a wedding or party, for drinkware to add to your personal collection at home, or even for restaurant use: Finding the right glass for your wine is the key!

Which glass for which wine

If you are serving both red and white wines, it’s a safe bet to offer at least two sets of glasses. Full-bodied wines like reds need room to breathe and develop flavor, so they work best in larger glasses. Save smaller wine glasses for whites. Sparkling wines are best served in champagne flutes

Types of wine glasses

But – there is more!

  • Stemless wine glasses: Perfect for everyday use, stemless wine glasses can be found in almost every household. The sturdy design makes them less likely to break than glasses with delicate stems, and they are less complicated to hold especially in an informal dining setting or when you enjoy your glass of wine at home. These wine tumblers are easy to store, fit in every dishwasher, and can even be used with water or non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Stemmed wine glasses: Stemmed wine glasses are elegant and delicate, making them the perfect choice for a formal dinner, a wedding celebration, or any other event. Holding the stem makes it easy to swirl the glass for the perfect aroma, without leaving fingerprints in the glass bowl or warming wine through your own body temperature.
  • Big wine glasses: You might have seen huge wine glasses in commercials or movies. Their oversized bowl enhances the bouquet and flavor of red wines, makes for a funny photo-prop for a bachelorette party, or a wonderful hostess gift.
  • Edged wine glasses: Add an eye-catching element to any table with edged wine glasses. Not your usual glassware, these glasses are out of the ordinary, making them perfect for formal dinner occasions!
  • Colored wine glasses: Colored glasses make it easy to add fun to any occasion. Colored glass makes for an eye-catching play with both red and white wines – perfect for special events or everyday use! Or use them as décor: Fill these decorative wine glasses with corks, shells, or other decorative elements, or use them with electric tea lights – voila!
  • Metal wine glasses: Gold plated, silver wine glasses, copper drinkware or black metal wine glasses are truly unique! Both stylish and functional, they can be used as red wine glasses or white wine glasses and will elevate any dining occasion!

How to find the perfect wine glass

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