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If you are a friend of exquisite wine, you might have a small collection at home. Properly stored, good wine can last a. . . Read More →

If you are a friend of exquisite wine, you might have a small collection at home. Properly stored, good wine can last a long time! But how to store wine at home, or how to best organize a wine collection in a small apartment? 

Fine wine vs. regular wine

Fine wine can get even better with age! These bottles cost up to several hundred thousand dollars – and if you own such a collection, you might prefer a wine cellar to a regular kitchen wine rack. On the other hand, the majority of cheap store-bought wines shouldn’t be cellared or aged. These wines can be kept in a regular kitchen and will keep for a few months or even up to one or two years.

How to store wine

There are a few easy tricks to prevent regular wine from spoiling prematurely!

  • Store wine away from light: Sulfur-containing amino acids in wine will oxidize in sunlight, changing the flavor of the wine.
  • Storing wine in a cool place is essential: Most wines are fine between 45 and 65 degrees. Any temperature above 70 could cause the wine to spoil early!
  • Humidity is important: With a humidity around 70 percent, you can avoid dried out corks, which can allow air into the wine, changing the taste of your favorite red or white wine.
  • Store wine in the right position: When storing corked wine in an upright position, the cork can dry out, causing air to get into the wine. Use a wine shelf that enables you to store your wine on its side, keeping the cork moist to avoid drying out.

Will wine expire?

If you prefer regular, store-bought wine and don’t plan to cellar or age your bottles, keep the expiration date for wine in mind. Most bottled red wine can spend up to three years in storage, white wines on the other hand are only good for one to two years.

How to find the best wine shelf

Keep your favorite wine accessible and at hand with using a stylish wine shelf for your home! It’s no rocket science to find the best wine shelf for your kitchen, man cave, dining room, or living room! Depending on your space, you might go for a countertop tabletop wine shelf or a wall-mounted shelf for wine. Different designs and materials from metal to rustic wood enable you to find the perfect fit for any home décor style.

Where to find a wine storage shelf

MyGift offers multiple wine storage options and makes it easy to turn your kitchen into a Napa Valley themed wine cellar with rustic and vintage themed wine racks and storage cases! We also offer wine glassesdrinkware including stemless wine glasses as well as home bar decor!

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